Website Recording Instructions
According to the State Council Decree No. 292 "Administrative Measures for Internet Information Services" and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Order No. 33 " Administrative Measures for Recording of Non-operational Internet Information Services" , the state implements a licensing system for operational Internet information services and Implement a filing system. Those who have not obtained the permission or performed the filing procedures shall not engage in Internet information services, otherwise it is an illegal act.
ICP filing is an important prerequisite for establishing a website. Please be sure to increase the importance of filing and take it as a top priority. Do not make your website in a state that does not meet the filing requirements. Please also actively cooperate with Xin The work of Weibo Network will put the record work into practice. Be sure not to omit the website with the record problem.
According to the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, host products must be filed before use. If they are not filed, they will not be available. For users who are already using our mainframe and crashed website products, we will check the websites that have filed problems, and we will also take corresponding measures. Users must ensure that your website has been successfully filed.
Customer First
  • 1. Our company will record for you: fill in the download information: click here to download (right-click to save as) the materials required for the record on the website. After completing the filling, send an email to:
  • 2. Frequently Asked Questions about Recording: Click here for the filing FAQ;
Website filing flow chart
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