Foreign trade website solution
Establish foreign trade website to send U.S. space features and services
  • Creative art design to make your website different
  • Powerful background management, batch upload of products
  • UTF-8 international universal coding website, avoid garbled characters on your website
  • DIV + CSS standard, keyword optimization to facilitate search engine crawling and ranking
  • Large US space to improve the speed and stability of foreign customers' access
  • Product inquiry function, new product member viewing function ... Focus on user access experience and feelings, so that your customers also feel your professional Shangyi G-class enterprise mailbox to solve the problem of bounce
  • MSN / SKYPE instant messaging to enhance website interaction and increase order conversion rate
  • Website browsing user statistics function, allowing you to grasp the website visits in real time in order to adjust the promotion intensity and marketing plan
Investment budget plan
  • Beginner Basic: from 3000 yuan
  • Advanced all-rounder: from 5,000 yuan
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