Current Project Category: Network Engineering
1. Business introduction
It is a private high-tech enterprise that mainly provides the design, construction, and after-sales service of intelligent weak current system solutions for customers in Fujian Province, including enterprises, factories, smart communities, campuses, hotels, guesthouses, government agencies, and old building renovation. The company has a sound operating system and modern corporate philosophy. Since its establishment, the company has achieved outstanding results, successfully completed a large number of smart weak electric power construction projects, and established a comprehensive customer service system, which has won praise and trust from our customers.
As a pioneer of computer network in Fujian Province, it keeps up with the development of network technology in the world, provides users with good services, and provides users with the most standard and sustainable technical support in the country. The company's purpose: to take customers as the starting point and choose to take the lead Technology, adopt scientific management, and provide users with innovative information products and satisfactory services. Quality target: 100% qualified product delivery rate, 100% customer satisfaction. Today, with the rapid development of information technology, the company strives to build a better tomorrow of informationization with new and old customers with advanced technology, high-quality products and perfect services.
Engineering Services
  • Intelligent integrated wiring (providing telephone, high power, network, fiber optic wiring)
  • Security monitoring system
  • Access control attendance system
  • Computer room construction project
  • Public broadcasting system
  • PBX Architecture
  • Video on Demand System Engineering
  • IT outsourcing services
  • China Unicom partners
2. Success stories
Case name Engineering Content construction place
China Electronics Fujian Branch Computer room, industry software maintenance, IT outsourcing Wuyi Center Building, Gulou District
Baianju Building Materials Supermarket Fuzhou Liming Store People flow statistics and supermarket monitoring Vientiane City, Gulou District
Baianju Building Materials Supermarket Fuzhou Gulou Store People flow statistics and supermarket monitoring Dawn of Gulou District
EU Huibang Electronics Group Fuzhou Branch Factory and office cabling Jinshan Pushang Industrial Zone
China Nokia Mobile Communications Fujian Branch Integrated wiring Global Plaza, Gulou District
Fujian Animation Game Industry Base Integrated wiring and computer room construction Fuzhou Software Park Animation Game Base
Fujian Provincial Public Security Department Computer room temperature control system and monitoring system Telecommunication Computer Room, Cangshan Science and Technology Park, Cangshan District
Fujian Software Public Technical Service Center Integrated wiring and machine room erection for the entire building Fuzhou Software Park Base
Xiamen International Bank Fuzhou Branch Computer room renovation, security monitoring Gujing Building, Wusi Road, Gulou District
Fujian Supreme People's Court Third floor court transformed into "digital court" Tongpan Road, Gulou District
Highway Engineering Company Office line transformation Jinshan Avenue, Jinshan New District
Zhongyuan Real Estate Fuzhou Branch Integrated wiring, access control and computer room construction Oriental Building, Gulou District
Areva Shanghai Fuzhou Office Integrated wiring, access control and computer room construction Global Plaza, Gulou District
Mediterranean Shipping Fuzhou Branch Wiring, security monitoring and computer room construction Gulou District Guomao Building
Fuzhou Mawei District Customs Computer room renovation Qingzhou Road, Mawei District, Fuzhou
Fuzhou Yaoxin Hardware Company Plant wiring, security monitoring and machine room construction Fuzhou Pushang Industrial Zone
Shenzhen Tencent Fuzhou Branch Company's comprehensive wiring and strong power construction Fuzhou Libao Tianma Building
3. Project implementation process
  • 1.Understand customer needs
  • 2.Customers provide drawings (or site surveys to understand the site conditions such as: incoming line, machine room, ceiling, floor, etc.)
  • 3.Analyze customer needs
  • 4.System design (engineering scheme, wiring construction drawing, bill of materials)
  • 5. Final submission of plans and quotations
  • 6. Winning the bid and signing the contract
  • 7.Pay engineering advance payment and material procurement
  • 8. Project organization and implementation (coordination with decoration engineering staff)
  • 9.Testing and acceptance
  • 10. Handover of project completion and project settlement
  • 11. One-year engineering after-sale maintenance
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