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Current Project Category: Enterprise Email
1.Shangyi Enterprise Mailbox
Advantages of Shangyi Enterprise Mailbox
Global Mail <br /> China's first overseas server sets up a reverse domain name resolution service World Anti-Spam Organization whitelist
Email security "Sophos" world-class anti-virus software intelligent, portal-level anti-spam processing system
SSL mail encrypted communication to ensure mail security
Stable and high speed
Coremail mail system selected by 200 million users. Main network data center puts mail server. Exclusive network bandwidth + whitelist channel.
Professional Services
24 × 7 software and hardware service monitoring senior network engineer composed of a technical support team complete emergency plan to ensure smooth mail sending and receiving
Shang Yi Enterprise Mailbox Features
  • Personalized business email
  • Independently upload corporate logos and support personalized login pages.
  • Mail synchronization read and write
  • Multi-window operation interface supports synchronous reading and writing of mail.
  • Convenient operation
  • Shortcut key + right mouse button simplifies the operation process even more.
  • Business Directory
  • The tree form presents the corporate address book with a clear internal structure.
  • Enterprise Bulletin Board
  • Corporate employees can see important corporate notifications by logging into their mailboxes.
  • Corporate mailing list
  • Mass mailing is faster and there is no need to write tedious email addresses.
  • Schedule management
  • Open the webpage to see the detailed schedule and set up regular reminders.
  • Custom mail rules
  • Define your own rules for receiving mail,
    Keep unwanted mail out.
Shangyi Enterprise Mailbox won the award
"Green Mailbox" title
China Computer News
"Excellent Performance Award"
China Computer News
"Excellent Value for Money Award"
China Internet Association "Top Ten Mailbox Recommended Brands"
China Internet Association "Best Service Quality Award"
Typical customers
Shangyi Enterprise Mailbox Quotation
Type (G mailbox) product description price
5 user version (5G / user) 5 users use with monitoring 1,000 yuan / year
10 user version (5G / user) 10 users use with monitoring 2000 yuan / year
15 user version (5G / user) 15 users use monitoring 3000 yuan / year
20 user version (5G / user) 20 users use with monitoring 4,000 yuan / year
25 user version (5G / user) 25 users use with monitoring 5000 yuan / year
30-user version (5G / user) 30 users use with monitoring 6000 yuan / year
40-user version (5G / user) 40 users use with monitoring 8000 yuan / year
50-user version (5G / user) 50 users use with monitoring 10,000 yuan / year
100 user version (5G / user) 100 users use with monitoring 20000 yuan / year
2.Wanwang Enterprise Mailbox
Wanwang Enterprise Mailbox Advantage
Global travel <br /> International top two-line computer room
Changyou Global <br /> Exclusively provide independent IP in China to prevent spamming users from being involved in my email when the IP is blocked
G-level oversized attachments <br /> Support sending G-level attachments
DIY purchase <br /> Respect the user's "On-Demand" model. Buy space on demand. Free customization. Flexible allocation can increase the number of users at any time.
Log query <br /> Receiving and sending log: the first company to provide convenient log query to understand the delivery status of mail and the reason for failure in real time
Years of professional operation experience <br /> Many years of outstanding Internet application service operation experience More than 3,000,000 enterprise mailboxes run on Wanwang's high-end enterprise email system
Efficient anti-spam <br /> Real-time classification and identification Efficient anti-spam The only real-time global spam outbreak monitoring system is enabled
7x24-hour National Unified Service Hotline
7x24 hour professional operation and maintenance guarantee
365-day uninterrupted stable operation guarantee system provides high-quality, high-efficiency, high-security
7x24 hour professional operation and maintenance guarantee
Wanwang Enterprise Mailbox Quotation
Type (G Post) product description price
1G E-mail number of mailboxes 1 140 yuan / year
5G E-mail number of mailboxes 5 700 yuan / year
10G E-mail mailbox number 10, single mailbox maximum space 10G 1400 yuan / year
20G E-mail mailbox number 20, the maximum space of a single mailbox 20G 2600 yuan / year
50G E-mail mailbox number 50, single mailbox maximum space 50G 6500 yuan / year
80G E-mail mailbox number 80, single mailbox maximum space 80G 9600 yuan / year
100G E-mail mailbox number 100, maximum space of a single mailbox 100G 12000 yuan / year
200G E-mail mailbox number 200, single mailbox maximum 200G space 22,000 yuan / year
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